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How to Comfort Your Child in a Time of Loss

It is a sad time in any family when a beloved pet dies. It can be especially hard on your children, who often have known their pet all their lives. The loss of a pet may also mark the first time a child has had to deal with any type of death, which can lead to varied and confusing emotions. To help your child deal with this grief, consider some of these approaches:

- Keep a small memento of your pet. A collar, favorite toy, or tag can be comforting.

- Gather up some photos of your pet with your child and frame them. You can also put together a photo album of pictures of your pet.

- Be sure to talk about your pet and share memories. Sometimes laughing about good memories can help in the grieving process.

- Encourage your child to continue regular activities, even if those used to include your pet.

- If possible, hold a memorial service for your pet. You can invite friends to share in this. Planting a tree in your pet’s honor is a tangible way to remember him or her.

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