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Explore an Incredible, Historic Exhibit of Epic (And Ancient) Proportions

Don’t miss the captivating exhibit of ancient artifacts on display at the Art Institute of Chicago! Entitled Mirroring China’s Past: Emperors and Their Bronzes, this show brings together approximately 180 works from the Art Institute of Chicago’s archives, the Palace Museum in Beijing, the Shanghai Museum, and important museums and private collections in the United States to provide viewers with a new understanding of ancient bronzes and their significance through time. The exhibition gives visitors a sweeping collection unlike anything previously presented to the public and illuminates China’s fascinating history and its evolving present.

Chinese bronzes of the second and first millennia BC are some of the most distinctive achievements in the history of art. Exquisitely ornamented, these vessels were made to carry sacrificial offerings that were used in burial, or to commemorate family in public ceremonies. When they were found by emperors centuries later, these spiritually significant objects were seen as manifestations of a heavenly mandate on a ruler or dynasty and became prized items in imperial collections. The Mirroring China’s Past: Emperors and Their Bronzes exhibition—the first to explore how these exquisite objects were collected and conceptualized throughout Chinese history—presents a rare opportunity to experience a large number of these works together in the United States. Be sure to see it for yourself at the Art Institute of Chicago!

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Event Time/Date:
Friday, April 6, 2018—10:30 AM

Event Venue Location:
Art Institute of Chicago
111 S. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60603

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